Running with Music (…or why I’m not allowed at the gym anymore)

I have a sort of confession to make.

My name is Kelly. And I am most certainly not a runner.

I mean, I do try. And while I do genuinely enjoy being outdoors and walking, the protein shakes, the marathons, the joy in a new pair of sneakers that stereotypical runners enjoy? Absolutely not. And don’t get me started on this supposed “wall” that once you get past, running suddenly seems enjoyable and almost easy. Every minute I spend actually running is hell. “Easy” is the last word I would use to describe it, and honestly if you see me running, you should probably run too—because that zombie apocalypse we keep hearing about is finally upon us.

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What I imagine I look like when running

But in an effort to try being a healthier person, I have been trying to run. Or at least walk.

Well, if we’re being honest, it’s mostly walking.

I have a better reason than just hating running, though. Hear me out, because here’s where it gets weird.

One thing I don’t get about running is how you just, run. I mean sure, most runners these days will have their trusty iPod strapped to their upper bicep, and I’m assuming that they’re listening to music of some kind. But how do you listen to music and not want to dance or act it out?

Because I’m pretty sure my tendency to dance it out is why I’m not allowed at the gym anymore. 

(Yes, that’s a joke. I haven’t been kicked out of the gym. Yet.)

Maybe it’s the proliferation of musical soundtracks on my iPod, combined with extensive choreography in my head that makes me go crazy, but I just can’t take a walk and listen to music without dancing. Even when I used to run at home on the treadmill, it was ridiculous. The bopping of my head and the skipping and dancing drove the dogs crazy (but usually there was no one else around to see). I tried to control it at the gym, but there were definitely a few times that I flicked my wrist to the beat, or changed my stride to match a certain rhythm.

And outdoors? Hoo, boy. I get even worse. I’ve memorized a lot of choreography in my day, and I have done it all on my outdoor walks. Even the dogs are embarrassed to be seen with me.

I will even admit that as they pass by, drivers have maybe stared at me a bit too long. Probably wondering if I was mentally stable, or if they should stop and call for help. Maybe both.

At any rate, I’ve been trying this walking/running thing for a while now (That phrase gets really bulky. Maybe we could call it rulking? Or wanning? Maybe not.). I may never be a true “runner” but I guess the most important part is that I’m having fun with it?

Or maybe I’m just totally nuts. If anyone knows either way, I’d sure appreciate your input.


4 thoughts on “Running with Music (…or why I’m not allowed at the gym anymore)

  1. Hey Kads :) I think running for me with the music is the use of it as an aid. An aid with the rhythm or the beat. I have my music in a way where it can help me with my pace. When I get closer to my half marathon in April i will be making a playlist specifically timed to aid me. You arent thinking of it as OMG IM RUNNING 13 MILES or you know running whatever. When I run it is ok here is my music and this is when I need a pick me up at mile 6. I need motivation at mile 7. I need a pacer at 1-3 and miles 8-9. From miles 10-13 I need my cheering music, music that will trance me out. annnd at that final leg of 100 meters who cares about music you just run as fast as you can, cross the line, fall to the ground and throw up..

    That is how important music is to me.

  2. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve visited this blog before but after going through some of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m certainly happy I found it and
    I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!

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