What’s Next?

Did you miss me!?

Did you miss me!?

While I know that I only have maybe 3 readers on this blog, it occurred to me that I haven’t written in over a year and I didn’t like that. So much has happened in that time: I completed two amazing internships, took eleven classes (and somehow managed to pass them all), had my first date(s) in years (which ended horribly, but more on that later maybe), decided to move to Malaysia, decided not to move to Malaysia, graduated college (magna cum laude!), applied for some full time jobs, written what feels like a thousand cover letters, lost contact with some good friends, reconnected with others, and got a new phone. Phew, that was a really long list. And that’s not even the whole of it; I’m missing plenty of the good and the bad. I’ve changed, you’ve changed, and the world has changed.

Somewhere between reconnecting with old friends and getting my new phone (which is gold because I’m a winner), I realized that I missed writing. Unfortunately, I was still in the throes of my final semester of undergrad, so time was sparse. Now that commencement is over and life has momentarily slowed down, I’ve decided to reenter the world of blogging. This time around, I make absolutely no promise of keeping it up. I’m going to write when I want and when I have time, and if people enjoy it, then all the better.

Suddenly I have no idea where I was going with this blog. I wrote it up in my head at 3 am but now that it’s 12 hours later I can’t remember a damn thing.

Um, well at any rate, I’m going to be trying to update more often.

WAIT. I remember part of it. I had a really cute anecdote about how most of my writing lately has been either academic or cover letters (not a lie).

I tried googling cute little anecdote and this was the best thing to come up

I tried googling cute little anecdote and this was the best thing to come up

I had asked him read one of my latest cover letters, but ended up sending in my application before he had a chance to reply. I’m very impatient. After telling him I’d already sent it, he replied quite simply, “That’s okay. I’ve always considered you one of my favorite writers anyway.”


What a compliment.

I mean.

Because I’ve never been that great at taking compliments (I’m getting better, I swear!), I just sort of shrugged it off. His comment stuck with me though, and I itched to write something less formal. Something just for me. I’d had the opportunity to do a lot of writing at both my internships this year, and a lot of it was really great. But it wasn’t as “fun” because it was for work. What is fun to write for? This blog. And I have a lot of ideas. Old ideas, new ideas. Stories from childhood and the last six months. I have plenty of material, and life is going to keep happening. And hopefully, I’m going to keep blogging about it.

be the Leslie Knope of whatever you do

So get on board, and buckle up, because my ride’s gonna be a big one. And if you get motion sickness, put your head between your knees ’cause Kelly Mackowiak’s stopping for no one.


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